5 Ways to achieve employee recognition in a remote team

Vikrant Shetty

July 10, 2023

1:49 pm

Employee recognition is a pivotal aspect that each company should consider. Although such things may seem easy in work-from-office culture, challenges arise when employees work remotely. How to recognize an employee who works remotely and can’t communicate face-to-face?

Employee satisfaction results in more productivity, ultimately increasing revenue. Employee recognition will give strength to your culture and increase employee retention. While such things may sound reserved for big companies with many employees, they can be done in any company without spending much time or money. Many employment recognition plans are conducted by companies which aren’t known for their packages.

So what is employee recognition? It’s about showing your employees how valuable they are to the company by giving them a specific gift card or praise. When it comes to a remote team, it becomes more important to conduct such events to retain them in the company and make them feel good.

How is employee recognition crucial for remote teams?

Unlike work from office working pattern, remote teams don’t have face-to-face interactions; they rely only on video calls and other communication methods to work. It implies they miss out on those little factors which happen during office hours which let them know that they are appreciated, like someone visiting their office desk to know how their weekend was or giving them a cup of coffee. This lack of bonding makes it difficult for remote employees to feel connected with their colleagues or team.

Employee recognition is an integral part of any company. It creates a positive environment in the office, builds trust and boosts employees’ morale. However, remote working has made this task challenging because of the lack of interactions among team members.

Below are some tips to help you in employee recognition on your remote team:

Make a system to recognize employees

Remote teams are spread geographically; hence, managers should develop a system to identify their performance. There should be a system to recognize whenever an employee does something great or something beyond their duties. Employers can send an e-mail to such employees or shout out during the video call.

Cheer up, small wins

While working with the employees remotely, you must do this frequently and not only once or twice a year. It would help if you celebrated every small win of your employees to let them know how much they are appreciated. Such cheer-ups of team members by managers will keep them happy and motivated towards their goals.

Provide regular feedback

It is another way to show your appreciation towards employees’ efforts and performance. Weekly feedback can help keep the employees on track, and they will know where to improve and where they are doing a good job.

Create specific goals

Never set unrealistic goals that will lead to employee disappointment. Make them realistic yet challenging enough that your employee will love to achieve them. Also, give them ample time to work on their project and meet deadlines without stress.

Think about factors which motivate employees

The first step towards employee recognition is determining what motivates them the most. It will allow you to develop a customized approach per individual needs and enhance employee engagement. For instance, if someone would love to get praise from their manager and colleagues instead of a bonus, you must follow the same while giving him recognition.

Be creative with awards

Usually, employees are given awards when they do something great for the company. But if such awards are given in the form of e-mail or text messages, they won’t be that much happy. You can create customized tokens for each employee, including a picture of their favourite pet or a YouTube video of their favourite band. This way, they will feel that the company remembers their personalized choices.


Employee recognition is the fundamental building block for the success of your organization. Such things create a positive environment and provide job satisfaction to the employees. Start implementing all the above-mentioned aspects in your company to make an environment where employees will feel motivated, appreciated and engaged.

Vikrant Shetty

July 10, 2023

1:49 pm

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