5 Ways to improve leader communication skills

Vikrant Shetty

July 11, 2023

1:56 pm

Good communication is a core leadership skill and is essential for being a good leader. Excellent leadership and excellent communication skills are both interlinked. As a leader, you need to be a good communicator at any organizational level, in different groups and communities, and sometimes even on a global scale.

An efficient leader should be able to think with clarity, share productive information, and express ideas with multiple audiences. They should be able to manage information flow in the company and among partners, customers, stakeholders, and other vendors.

Why should a leader have good communication?

Communication is more difficult than simply sending and receiving information. When leaders can communicate well, they gain the ability to translate the data accurately and quickly. You must know how to communicate and what tone to use as per audience. Leaders should excel in all such communication modes, whether it is about writing, presenting, conversing, or facilitating.

Factors about leaders’ communication Authenticity matters a lot Convey honesty and sincerity in your voice and avoid using corporate language. Let people know who you are, what your background is, and what your values are. Audiences love authentic leadership. Be real in your communication.

Visibility is crucial

If you want to communicate well, be available to people. Sending emails is not enough. You need to be visible and present. Reaching out to your team members consistently will inform them about your qualities. Interact with your stakeholder group, especially when communication is a crisis.

Listen to people

Good communicators are excellent listeners. When you listen to other people, you understand their knowledge and perspective. Come up with powerful questions for people, ask the audience about their views and pay attention to what they say and what remained unsaid.

Five ways for leaders to improve communication skills

Communicate relentlessly

Communicate your ideas, knowledge, thoughts, and information clearly and frequently to different media. Be transparent and open, and communicate smoothly with your team, company, and employees. Remove all the traces of arrogance and detachment and invest time talking to people.

Be clear in expectations

In each relationship, we should follow certain social norms and rules. In professionalism, such norms go unspoken. Intentionally convey clear expectations and team norms among the employees. Remain clear while emailing your team members, leading a group discussion, or being involved in a one-on-one conversation.

Simplify and be direct

Be direct and convey what you mean. Don’t hide anything or pile a heap of information. Direct communication is the most important type of communication you must work with. This aspect becomes more important when you are meeting virtually with your team.

Communicate through stories

Come up with a good story that can give life to the company’s goal, vision, and objective. In this way, you can win the trust of your audience, can capture their minds, and let them keep the goal in mind for a long duration. Also, it is easy for people to repeat the story, any image, or quote instead of talking about strategy, mission, or project plan. Your ability to develop bold and compelling stories will help you improve your leadership brand.

Read the room

Watch your audience and understand their nonverbal cues or disengagement signs. You should adjust your message accordingly. You can also implement this idea during an in-person meeting, or even in virtual meetings by looking closely at the faces on the screen.

If your audience understands your message and is aligned with it, you will receive lots of eye contact and nodding heads. Check the audience leaning forward or showing their body language to confirm their interest in your message. If you see the audience leaning back with arms crossed, and confused or bored expressions on their face, you should adjust your message accordingly.

Include pauses to let the audience ask questions and ask about their understanding; this will give them a chance to seek clarification. Be flexible and change your communication as per the audience’s interest.

Final takeaway

Leaders are honest and never hesitate to speak clearly with their audience. Speak softly, but you should be efficiently able to communicate goals with your team. Follow the tips mentioned above to improve your leadership communication and speak with your audience confidently.

Vikrant Shetty

July 11, 2023

1:56 pm

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