Agile Vs. Kanban Vs. Scrum Vs. Waterfall: Which One to Choose 

Vikrant Shetty

August 14, 2023

6:02 pm

All these project management methodologies have their significant differences and importance. However, all of them have the same goal to produce quality projects. Every methodology helps to coordinate with your team members via communication. However, you can only choose one, which is not very easy.

While the differences between methodologies might be less but they do exist. These small differences create a huge impact on functions. Let us find out which one to choose. 

What Is unique about Agile? 

The Agile methodology is an outlook to project management and software development. It enables the team to deliver the project faster to their customer. It has a collective, organized, and multidisciplinary team to boost the work and satisfy the customer’s needs.

Agile project methodology focuses on reconciling, continuous workflow, which is better than Kanban, Scrum, and Waterfall.

Synchronized and increased workflow

This is an important factor when comparing Kanban or Scrum Vs. Waterfall methodology. The agile process breaks the project into two half that helps the user for testing and reviewing the project once again. In this way, it slows the burden on the team.


Agile methods work as a team to adjust their workflow. It improves communication between the team members and increases the workflow in the team. It encourages the team to produce a good quality project; also letting them adapt to the changes better and work collectively on the project. 

What is unique about Kanban? 

Kanban methodology increases the coordination and balance of work among the team members. It circulates the work equally among the team group.

The Kanban methodology needs tight limits on the work amount and should be completed at the stipulated time frame. Teams assign the work to every member equally. When the limit is met, no new work can be assigned to the column until the task is completed and moved to another column. This methodology encourages every member to work as a team and coordinate with each other to fix the problem. 

What Is Unique About Scrum? 

Scrum methodology is just like Agile methodology that uses an incremental approach to complete the project in a given time. It tackles difficult knowledge work, such as software development projects.  

Scrum Master

A Scrum Master combines the team with the project owner. Before starting a project, the Scrum does masterwork with the product owner to clear all the requirements. Then they help the team to fulfil all the demands. It also increases the spirit of the team, and energizes them to work with each other. Once it begins, all the problems related to the project vanish. It does not have a traditional project manager, which helps boost the productivity of the team members. 

What Is Unique About Waterfall? 

In waterfall methodology, projects are broken down into its simplest forms, where every work relies on the completion of deliverables.

Waterfall project management comes from a Construction Company where one phase is completed then the other phase starts. It is important to complete each stage before going to the next one. If any problem arises, you can go back to the same process and revise it again. 


There are several methodologies that you can choose from. If you want to finish your work faster, you can choose Scrum. If you want to build your production process, use Kanban. And, if the project demand is a step-wise form, use the Waterfall. Finally, if you want to satisfy the need of the customer, use Agile. 

Vikrant Shetty

August 14, 2023

6:02 pm

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