Common Challenges of Cloud Migration

Vikrant Shetty

September 14, 2023

12:33 pm

The process of migrating an organization’s data, apps, and other digital assets from traditional on-premises infrastructure to cloud-based services is referred to as cloud migration. This entails migrating the complete IT infrastructure or portions of it, such as servers, apps, databases, and virtual machines, so that they may run in a cloud environment.

Despite being a very important part of the corporate world, cloud migration comes with a series of problems for its users. But before jumping into that, here is a small section that you need to go through to have a clear idea of cloud migration.

What is Cloud Migration?

Clouds are servers on which software and databases usually run. These servers are accessed over the internet and are located all over the world in data centres.

Therefore, cloud migration is a process by which a company partially or completely transfers its digital assets, IT resources, services, databases and applications from its storage into the cloud. It is like shifting things from one place to another but in a digital way. It can also be migrating information from one cloud to another.

Cloud migration has a variety of advantages like:

  • Enhanced flexibility
  • Simplified IT
  • Fast innovation
  • Better performance
  • Satisfied customer expectations
  • Cost savings in the long run
  • Capability to deliver business results immediately

Despite having all such varied advantages that a company enjoys from cloud migration, the company can also face a series of disadvantages following those benefits.

What are the problems of Cloud Migration?

Security and risks

One of the foremost challenges of cloud migration is its reduced security. Often, the companies have no idea where and on which server their data and applications are getting hosted. In such cases, it faces issues with data security laws like GDPR. At any cost, data and applications should be protected to avoid further problems.

Complex management

Complexity in management is another issue that has been growing these days. It is not easy to operate the system in a fail-proof way. Companies often fall short of people who are experts in the field of cloud management. Hence, despite having varied advantages of cloud migration, people are moving over it.

Too expensive

Cloud services are very expensive. Even if it saves money in the long run, the process takes a huge sum. If anyone wants to reduce their IT infrastructure costs by getting cloud services, he or she might find that the cost is even more in the cloud migration process. In addition to that, other costs cause heavy losses if not properly checked into the plan. The extended plan also brings further expenses over time.

Longer process of migration

The process of cloud migration can be longer than expected since it is carried out in various stages depending on the quality and migration strategy.  The process includes in-depth testing and demands validation between every stage of the migration process.

If you do not follow a proper strategy, the process can consume even more time. The more time you take to complete the migration, the more cost is levied on your company.

Lack of proper migration strategy

Cloud migration demands a foolproof cloud strategy for IT professionals. If you do not make a strategy before the process, it might lead you to have future problems. Make sure you have checked all the required points before concluding. Resources to support the migration and the methods of validation are one of the major points of the strategy.

Bandwidth problem

Cloud-hosted applications require better performance than on-premise applications. If you cannot specify the required bandwidth for the smooth operation of the applications, you are likely to face poor performance. This one thing can bring you down and can disregard all the advantages of cloud migration.


Every service comes with its unique advantages and disadvantages. None of the digital services has proven to be perfect. If you want to get the service of cloud migration, do make a proper strategy. You cannot go without a complete and concrete strategy of skilled IT professionals. Make a budget and look at which applications your organization need to migrate. This will help you to reduce costs on cloud migration.

Vikrant Shetty

September 14, 2023

12:33 pm

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