How long is too long to wait for a background check?

varsha sarkar

July 28, 2023

5:19 pm

Background checks are required for all new hiring as well as for current workers who are being transferred, promoted, or reclassified into a crucial role. The candidate’s financial, educational, and criminal histories are investigated in this process. Reference checks look at the employment history, duties, and performance of the candidates, as well as their professional references. This is done towards the conclusion of the hiring process to avoid employing an applicant who isn’t a good fit. A background check is a procedure used to make sure a candidate has a transparent professional and personal history.  

The recruiter will review all of your information during this process and, if necessary, get in touch with your former employers and other sources to obtain a complete report. 

If not automated, background checks may take weeks. On an average, it takes 7 days, but given the nature of the procedure, it may take much more than 10 days. You can speed up background checks and hire top personnel before your rivals do by using the proper tools. 

One of the most crucial aspects of the hiring process is ensuring that the firm has a strong and responsible workforce. You are advised to include a thorough account of your professional background in your application to ensure a smooth background check process. A background check asks whether the information on a candidate’s résumé is accurate. The recruiter learns specific details about the candidate during the hiring process—one or more of these elements, such as education, prior employment experience, and criminal history. 

Workplace validation 

Because the recruiter must get in touch with every former employer or a member of their HR department, this type of check could take two to four days, or even longer. As a result, the process gets more time-consuming the more positions the candidate has changed. The background investigation may take one to two weeks if the applicant has experience working abroad. The candidate might anticipate signing a release document authorizing the business. 

Checks for Global Watchlist 

Companies utilise the Global Watchlist, a database made up of several lists from all around the world, to conduct routine identity checks against known or suspected terrorists, money launderers, fraudsters, or PEPs. 

It has databases from domestic and foreign governments, law enforcement agencies, and regulatory bodies that contain information on people wanted for crimes or prohibited from working in specific industries like finance and healthcare. 

Checks of everyone’s backgrounds 

All sales of firearms in the United States are subject to universal background checks, which utilise the National Instant Criminal Background Check System. Establishing background checks on all purchases of guns and transfers between two parties, such as at gun shows or online, it would plug the loophole that currently allows prohibited buyers to obtain firearms. 

Federal law in the United States mandates universal background checks, but at least 22 states and the District of Columbia also demand them for some private gun sales. 

How Long Does a Background Check Take for a Job? 

Many job seekers are having trouble answering the question, “How long do background checks take?” Let’s do a little study to explain this. 

Background checks for employment can take many different forms, and the completion time is based on the restrictions on the data source, the type of information being asked, and all applicable regulatory requirements. You can see the typical duration of a background check here: 

Federal Background Checks2 days
Fingerprint Background Checks1 to 3 days 
Employment Background Checks1 to 5 days 
Universal Background Checks     2 days 
Criminal Background Checks    1 to 2 weeks 

The time of your background check can differ as per the company location and number of applicants. Hence, you are advised not to stick with the timeline mentioned above and have patience to get final results. 

Phone interviews are required for some services. These include reference checks as well as the verification of education and employment. There are a few other variables that affect how long each of these services takes. Below is a list of the averages we were able to obtain for the most popular verifications. 

• Employment Verification: 2-3 days 

• Education Verification: 2-3 days 

• Professional License Verification: 2-3 days 

• Reference Checks: 2-3 days 

Most employers will search both federal and state criminal records to get a complete report on an applicant’s entire criminal history, especially if they are hiring for C-level executive positions, CPAs, public sector employees, or someone who will have access to confidential financial information because a federal background check only looks for crimes prosecuted on the federal level and does not check for convictions at the state level. 

varsha sarkar

July 28, 2023

5:19 pm

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