How to survive cloud outages?

Vikrant Shetty

September 8, 2023

9:27 am

Currently most businesses usually accept the public cloud for better scalability and flexibility. However, some providers have faced an outage with the internal and external systems. An outage can be a severe problem for a business owner, but a cloud outage can trouble hundreds of users.

Therefore, most users raise a common question: how do you survive cloud outage? As a user, you may need a recovery plan similar to that from the local data centers. You may get better convenience while trying to survive cloud storage.

Tips for surviving cloud outage

Here are some tips which can help you to avoid cloud outages:

Make a DR plan

Prevention is always more acceptable to get a smooth flow of quality service. If you wait for an outage to come to your cloud environment and take action after it, you may face severe damages. Therefore, you better make a disaster recovery strategy (DR) and imply it long before trouble occurs.

Cloud service providers offer a great service, but how you create, configure, deploy, or monitor the services is up to you. Advanced DR strategies help to standby deployed instances idle in another region. They can take action when they feel any disrupted primary instance. 

Check the cloud transparency

You must keenly observe the cloud and get every detail of what goes on in the system. Most cloud providers create a vague image of the environment, service disruptions, and outages. However, the scenario is changing as most businesses are likely to accept the public cloud to store valuable workloads.

If you find any outage in the cloud, inform the internal users as soon as possible to prevent disruption. Thus, you can survive with your business data during cloud outages.

Understand cloud services deeply

You might choose the cloud service according to your business type. But are you sure that the service can give you long-time reliable service? Do you think would happen if your company faced a severe disruption? The cloud service provider has much potential to help you with your trouble. What would happen if you didn’t trust them?

These questions should be analyzed before choosing a cloud service. Therefore, you better keep the cloud service records up to date for better convenience. The reason is that if you change the business, the cloud can work accordingly.

Avoid failure of single point

Whether designing for a high database application or networking, you must avoid a single point of failure to get the maximum benefit. Cloud services are a very sensitive part of the data storage system. The high availability and SLAs can’t determine the possibility of avoiding cloud outages.

Therefore, you better be careful of complacency. Relying only on the high availability may give you trouble, and you can expose yourself to a single point of failure. It can harm the overall system, and as a result, you may face a severe disruption in your business’s workflow.

Use multiple places for cloud operation

It will be best to utilize multiple locations to operate the cloud service. The cloud service providers offer multiple geographically distributed centers to operate the cloud station. These are much more cost-effective.

Therefore, to survive a cloud outage, you must ensure you can use services from different geographical regions. The system may not provide you with the facility of an automatic switch, but you must go for it for better convenience.

Stay away if concerned about high data availability 

If you can’t tolerate the scorching sun, you better not go outside in summer. Similarly, if you are concerned more about the high availability of data and cloud applications, you may not be ready for the public cloud.

Therefore, you must go according to the system to survive a cloud outage. The more critical computer resources create more protection for huge availability the customer should put in place.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, cloud services can make your business more flexible and scalable. However, such a cloud outage can leave you with severe trouble. Therefore, you must understand the reliability of cloud services. Additionally, knowing the impact of losing access to cloud services can help you to survive cloud outages.

Vikrant Shetty

September 8, 2023

9:27 am

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