Hr WorldWide Struggling With It Skills Shortage

Vikrant Shetty

May 24, 2023

12:03 pm

The ongoing struggle of HRs to find the appropriate IT skills for filling organizational vacancies is not unreal. It has in fact been a scenario across organizations to pick the needful IT talent to meet their requirements. The recruiters usually use the giant platform LinkedIn to find candidates with the required IT skills but are having a hard time finding them.

IT Sector: Current Market Scenario

The IT industry is arguably the most volatile industry where things keep on changing even when the market is in hibernation. However just like any other in the market, the IT industry is also going through a phase of stagnation. There are actually reasons behind this phase that can be discussed and is worthy of having a deeper analysis.

As per the stats reported by Statista then by the end of 2021 most recruiters found a significant shortage of candidates in cybersecurity. It also showed a huge availability of candidates in the data and analytics department of the IT sector. These are only a few prominent branches of the IT sector facing a skills shortage and the line just continues.

If we dig a little deeper into the IT skills shortage we will find that areas such as technical architecture, cloud development, and DevOps are the ones lacking good candidates. The stats further report that nearly 87% of organizations are currently facing issues to fill various IT vacancies. The tech talent gap is widening at a rising pace and it is definitely an area of concern for most hiring organizations in the IT sector.

As per Statista, there is approximately 43% more demand of cybersecurity IT professional in the industry by the recruiters.

Another report adds that the cloud skill shortage is becoming a serious cause of concern for most IT hiring leaders in the industry.

Tech skills shortage is gaining depth across the IT industry hiring board; putting the organization on stagnancy.

Factors contributing to IT sector skills shortage

Most enterprise leaders are failing to notice and act for the current market scenario of the IT sector. Here is why the IT sector is going through the skills crisis phase:

  • The transition of the IT industry

It is a well-known reality of the IT sector that it transits itself and the world with its innovation that changes the world. Because of this, they sometimes fail to adapt to the pace of transition and consequently miss upgrading themselves on time. This alone forms a big part of the IT skills shortage and consequently, the recruiters struggle to find worthy candidates.

  • IT automation vs job insecurity

IT in itself is probably the only industry that is causing a threat to the individuals working in it. The automation aspect of the industry is causing a job threat to the employees working in the sector. This threat in itself is either laying them off or pushing them to switch to another industry for some job security attainment.

  • Cutthroat competition in the industry

As per a report, tech giant like Google and others attracts the maximum pool of their talent from around the globe. This leaves only a fraction of good talent left for other hiring companies in the sector. Such intense competition is a severe threat for HR to come across ideal IT skilled individuals.

  • Inadequate work experience

This is a prevailing scenario in the industry where the wide majority of candidates don’t have enough work experience. They quit their jobs after working there for a short period of time and then don’t upgrade their skill levels in accordance with the demand of hiring agencies.

  • The huge cost of IT educational programs

IT sector has one of the most expensive education in most parts of the world and it also takes a significant time for its completion. An average educational course in the industry takes about 4 years to complete. Such huge costs and the long duration of IT courses attract only a fraction of candidates in the industry. It results in creating less amount of candidates available in the industry with some reasonably adequate skills to be hired.


The current trend of IT skills shortage has significant consequences for the growth of not only the sector itself but also of the world. The above-mentioned threats to the industry if resolved can do wonders in providing a fresh and wide pool of IT talent to the world.

Vikrant Shetty

May 24, 2023

12:03 pm

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