Pet-friendly workplaces are on the rise- Here’s why

Vikrant Shetty

June 23, 2023

5:38 pm

From the standpoint of human resources, the company’s willingness to accommodate employees with dogs might be a differentiating factor in the eyes of prospective employees. This is shown by the proliferation of various pet-friendly company listings on the Internet.

Additional evidence suggests that allowing workers to bring their dogs to work might help retain high-quality staff members, as such perks are often not given by rivals.

The advantages for businesses and workers alike

Dogs have been demonstrated to alleviate sadness and anxiety, boost people’s social skills and cognitive capacity, and help them engage in positive social interactions. Employees who don’t have dogs but have to work beside their coworkers’ pets and the firms themselves may all profit from this policy.

The reason for this is obvious: stress in the workplace may hurt workers’ ability to focus and get work done, as well as morale, productivity, and health in general. On the other hand, studies have shown that having a dog in the workplace may positively affect workers’ productivity and well-being.

As a business, having a pet is a huge plus

Customers usually respond favourably when allowed to touch and play with an employee’s pet, which may improve their overall experience at the establishment. Having dogs around the workplace also humanises the organisation and gives it a more modern, forward-thinking vibe.

Improved bodily well-being

Thus, not only may having dogs at work improve productivity and morale, but it also has the potential to improve employees’ overall health. One’s health benefits from having a pet at work extend beyond increased comfort and joy. Office pets become increasingly helpful as fitness initiatives and walking meetings become commonplace.

Highly qualified people tend to be pet owners

Staff turnover is expensive. Therefore businesses are constantly looking for new methods to reward their staff for sticking around. A pet-friendly policy may help attract and retain that highly sought-after applicant in the same way that a company’s maternity leave and childcare offerings can attract and retain women.

The quality of your connections will increase thanks to pets

Coworkers will inevitably have some level of conflict. The people you work with may not be a favorite of yours. Having a pet in common may be a great way to break the ice and build rapport between strangers or those who have previously been at odds.

Having a pet at work may be a great icebreaker and perhaps foster a deeper friendship between coworkers. Furthermore, pet owners often start conversations with one another, even if they aren’t acquainted. They remind me of mothers in a schoolyard.

Workplace Pet Safety Advice

Pets may be great additions to the workplace, but only if employers take the necessary safety precautions.

·         Keep up a clean routine. To prevent the transmission of illness, humans and their dogs must come to work in good condition. Grooming, cleaning, and the absence of fleas or ticks are all essential for your pet’s health.

·         Take it easy when introducing a new pet to the office. Animals in captivity nevertheless need proper acclimation to new settings. Even more so when other animals and humans are around, pets may exhibit abnormal or harmful behaviour if stressed by transitioning to a new environment.

·         Share the company’s nutrition and training requirements with your staff. Workers must realise that their pet isn’t the only one at the office. Likewise, they should know how effectively their pet has been taught and what kind of food their animal requires.

·         When some pets consume everything in sight, it leaves little for others. If employees take the time to teach and monitor their dogs, they may help ensure that their pets do not cause any problems in the workplace.


Creativity, cooperation, and output improve when dogs are welcome at work. They have a natural stress-relieving effect on workers, which is good for everyone’s health and happiness, including the dogs.

The advantages of having a dog-friendly workplace outweigh the time and effort required to establish ground rules for canine visitors. Dog-friendly workplaces are becoming more common, as shown by the fact that major tech businesses like Google, Amazon, and Etsy openly welcome canines into the office.

Vikrant Shetty

June 23, 2023

5:38 pm

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