The Important Roles Diversity,Equity,Inclusion Play In The Workplace

Vikrant Shetty

May 31, 2023

12:35 pm

The core concept of diversity, equity & inclusion is gaining prominent roles in the corporate sector. It is often termed as the DEI and is considered as the driving factor of growth across the industry. We believe that more and more companies need to integrate this concept of diversity and inclusion at their workplace for achieving the workforce and organizational growth in utmost harmony.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Workplace

The objective of DEI is to attract a capable workforce beyond their culture, race, and nationality. This as a result creates a diverse pool of talent containing accomplished employees at the workplace to achieve excellence.

As corporate boundaries are expanding beyond the counties and continents the significance of DEI is becoming more significant than ever. The corporate sector needs a workforce that brings value to the company by serving customers in a beneficial manner. The concept of DEI seeks importance in diversity and aims to integrate it for the ultimate value creation. At the workplace, the objective of DEI is to hire the workforce beyond their cultural, nationality, or age diversity.

Diversity means standing for difference and this difference can bring different talents from across the globe. Moreover with the integration of DEI employees feel accepted and valued for their role contribution. The concept of DEI thus eradicates racism in the workplace and brings a win-win scenario both for the company and the workforce.

Cox Media a digital media company back in 2010 emphasized the introduction of diversity & inclusion culture at its workplace. The company’s objective was to develop a broad inclusive work culture to integrate its employees from diverse backgrounds. The company received massive support from the employees and the industry to bring this radical reform to its workplace. By 2013 the company observed incredible harmony and workplace satisfaction among their employees. Everyone felt inclusive of their identity and passion to make their unique contribution towards the company’s and their personal skills growth.

Linda Stokes, the CEO of an international consulting agency called PRISM put forward the significance of DEI at its workplace. She emphasized the fact that diversity & inclusive work culture at PRISM can motivate employees to attain peak performance and a strategic lever to attain the end accomplishment for any organization and its employees.

The renowned telecom company Verizon is giving the utmost freedom and parity to hire women leaders for its regional corporate office employees. The move has been taken under Verizon’s vision of promoting a diversity and inclusive culture at its workplace.

Building a diverse & inclusive workplace culture

Building a DEI culture at the workplace can be a challenging task for any new organization for the reason that it requires radical policy changes. Sometimes the core concept of a diverse and inclusive workplace culture doesn’t go down well at the management level. Yet the core values of DEI must be integrated from the top level of management. Here are some simple tips to incorporate the DEI culture at any workplace.

  • Educate the Leadership

It all starts with the leaders who implement the DEI culture from top to down organizational levels. The leaders must be well educated and understand the whole essence of diverse and inclusive workplace culture to get it implemented.

  • Hire Diversely

Hiring is the only way to start a diverse and inclusive workplace culture and the organization needs to start from there. Keep the hiring priority conscious enough to hire people from a diverse pool beyond their age, gender, color, and race.

  • Culture Addition Policy

The culture addition policy focuses on bringing the workforce from all cultures across the world. This is the policy that will bring more elements of DEI working culture to the workplace.

  • Practical Diversity & Inclusion Training

Organizations must conduct comprehensive DEI Training for all their existing and new employees. This will help in passing the required education and mindset to integrate and welcome the diverse and inclusive culture. There must be clear communication for the same at all levels between the workforce and management.


The whole concept of diversity, equity and inclusion base workplace culture comes from ethics and ideally fits all modern workplaces. The thing is that diversity is a true fact since we all are different from each other in several terms. The inclusion should embrace the same fact to bring real values from the workforce at the workplace. Someone rightly said that when everyone feels included then everyone wins and achieves. The objective of diverse and inclusive culture ultimately ensures growth and harmony for the company & workforce.

Vikrant Shetty

May 31, 2023

12:35 pm

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