Top DevSecOps Certifications And Training 

Vikrant Shetty

August 16, 2023

8:56 am

With a high number of data violations and attacks, DevSecOps Certifications And Training have been founded to protect data security. Due to its high importance, DevSecOps certifications and training are available for candidates who want to pursue this field. 

DevOps Institute DevSecOps Foundation 

DevSecOps foundation course provides knowledge to the students on basic security software development. It also gives training to boost a strong relationship between the security team and developers and execute security without removing SDLC speed and size. 

DevOps institution is created only for those candidates who are looking for experience in the technical field of protecting data and security. This course provides the best training on security practices, tools in the SDLC, and case studies on data security. To enter into the DevSecOps foundation certification, you must pursue a Practitioner certification. The foundation conducts multiple choice online exams for the candidates.

GCSA (GIAC Cloud Security Automation) 

The GIAC Cloud Security Automation certification is created for candidates who are looking to study and gather knowledge on Cloud Security and DevSecOps. This foundation provides the best course and professional expertise in security, engineering, and development. Under this course, there are various topics, such as securing cloud services open-source tools and configuration management, and continuous monitoring and delivery. 

The GCSA exam is based from SANS institute. They provide five days of both online or offline sessions. The course focus on five areas:

  • Operations on Cloud Security
  • Service on Cloud Security
  • DevOps Security
  • Compliance as Code
  • Cloud Security Infrastructure

EXIN DevSecOps Management 

EXIN DevSecOps Management is an advanced course that offers certification in DevOps and security management. This course is made only for those candidates who are interested in pursuing a leadership or management role in DevSecOps. This career is the best path for those candidates who want to become professional expertise in security, development, and operation in their life. They can apply to this foundation and can start preparing for this advanced course. It offers various alternative exams for students who can achieve course requirements.

Students must complete all courses before receiving certification from the foundation

  • The first-level foundation course
  • Agile Scrum
  • DevOps Professional Course
  • Information Security Management Professional Course

CDP (Practical DevSecOps Certified DevSecOps Professional)

The practical DevSecOps certification course teaches the candidates about DevSecOps processes, techniques, and tools. The course provides instruction on designing and maintaining a DevSecOps pipeline, conducting software composition analysis, code security, static application security testing (SAST), and dynamic application security testing (DAST) 

Students who are entering this field should have basic knowledge of Linux commands and security applications before taking admission to this course. The CDP course has a total of nine topics which are:

  • Basic Introduction
  • Basic Introduction to tools of the trade
  • SAST in CI/CD pipeline
  • SCA in CI/CD pipeline
  • DAST in CI/CD pipeline
  • Security of CI/CD and SDLC pipeline
  • Introduction to code and security
  • Custom tools and management
  • Code security

 The candidates have the option of pursuing one of three further certifications in DevSecOps: 

  • Certified DevSecOps Leader – This exam helps the candidates gain knowledge on DevSecOps practices through business ideas.
  • Certified DevSecOps Architect – This certification targets on DevSecOps top practices for AWS. Students must complete the CDA certification before giving this exam.
  • Certified DevSecOps pro – This certification places an emphasis on vulnerability management, the body of code, and a great number of other topics.Students must complete the CDA certification before giving this exam.

GSDC Certified DevSecOps Engineer Certification

 GSDC(Global Skill Development Council) provides certification for DevSecOps engineers. This foundation teaches the students about the best practices on DevOps security and the steps to use the security as code in the SDLC. The exam is organized by various professional experts. 


DevSecOps Certifications and Training gave us a platform for several candidates in this field. They teach you about the importance of data safety for your product. It is the best field to start your career in software development, and this field is based on practical knowledge of coding and software development applications. 

Vikrant Shetty

August 16, 2023

8:56 am

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