10 Programming Mistakes to Avoid

Vikrant Shetty

September 11, 2023

9:30 am

Mistakes often occur in manual setups, and when it comes to technological aspects, nothing can compensate for the mistakes. Programming is such a vital part of software management that you must have a keen observation to avoid mistakes. Even a single mistake can harm the entire programming, which can severely damage the company’s reputation.

Mistakes to avoid

Here are some common programming mistakes you must be aware of:

Ignoring the basics

When making a code for the first time, you might make a mistake by ignoring the basics. It can lead to an unstable code which can harm the programming. You may ignore the behavior of arbitrary users, which can affect your programming.

To avoid such mistakes, you must exploit the features that can catch code errors. Thus, you can avoid wrapping up a program fast and making mistakes in it without the basics.

Learning too many languages

Often beginners make the mistake of learning too many languages at once to showcase their excellence in the programming field. Amateurs often mention that they can create codes in JAVA, c++, Python, and many other languages. But as you know, the jack of all trades can’t be the master of anything.

Therefore, you better stick to one language and learn its coding to the T to avoid making mistakes.

Doubting your capability

Many times people face the situation of comparing their works with others. The other person may be an expert and solve the codes faster. Wanting to increase the speed may harm your programming owing to a lack of confidence.

This mistake sounds silly but makes a huge impact during programming. Therefore, you must be confident in your capability and work accordingly.

Writing inappropriate codes

It is one of the vital mistakes beginners do while programming. They fail to provide appropriate code, leading to poor-quality language programming.

The common mistakes include: missing proper indentation, putting every aspect in a single line while coding, writing too big functions, nil or over-commenting the code, etc.

Writing code without proper research

Beginners, even sometimes experts, don’t research the language and write irrelevant codes. They don’t look into the problem requirements and ignore the case scenario. As a programmer, you must spend 90% of your time thinking, researching, and planning the project. The remaining 10% of the time should be used in writing codes.

Therefore, you better think, plan, research, and modify the project instead of writing irrelevant codes hurriedly.

Thinking yourself the best

Programming is like a marathon where there is no end. Therefore, some programmers, especially beginners, get excited and overconfident after running codes hassle-free for the first few months. But what would happen if they were asked to solve more complex codes? If you think you might belong in this category, you better not be overconfident so that you don’t need to face a shameful situation in front of your colleagues.

Ignore the backup plan

It can be a great mistake for a programmer. Think what will happen if you give much effort into making a program and after a week, the hard disk crashes where you have stored the data. Therefore, always keep a backup plan foreseeing such situations. You can use a cloud service for the backup, which is secure for your convenience.

Lack of practise

Until you get your hands dirty in programming, you never shine as an expert programmer. There is a huge difference between reading codes theoretically and applying codes practically. Therefore, you better practice coding instead of just reading the algorithm on paper.

Code repetition

The authenticity of a code is a vital factor for the reputation of a programmer. But many programmers repeat the codes, which makes an impact of malfunction. You can create the code by modifying it with new inputs, which can help you eliminate such mistakes.

Ignoring comments

Comments are the proper documentation of a code. It helps to describe what is happening in your code. Therefore ignoring it may give you dissatisfaction and harm your reputation as a programmer.


Right from the start, programming should be considered as a sensitive issue. These mistakes can make your programming bad, and you may lose your reputation as a programmer. Therefore, you better avoid such mistakes for a prominent program using your expertise.

Vikrant Shetty

September 11, 2023

9:30 am

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