4 tips to improve diversity while recruiting

Vikrant Shetty

June 21, 2023

5:33 pm

A diverse workforce has been shown to increase innovation, creativity, and productivity, which is why it is sought after by most recruiters and managers. There is no need to consult the statistics to realize that a more diverse hiring pool results in improved productivity.

A group with a wide range of experiences and viewpoints would provide more novel and diversified solutions to challenges and new avenues for creativity. It’s no surprise that businesses all around the globe are putting so much effort into creating a diverse pool of job applicants.

What are the most important aspects of diversity?

Our civilization is very diverse in a wide range of ways. Internal, external, organizational, and global perspectives are the four major categories into which they fall.

Dissimilarities within the group

Personality traits that stem from a person’s upbringing are an example of internal variation. These are imposed on everyone and cannot be altered.

Diversity in the workplace

Diversity in the workplace refers to the assortment of individuals with unique skills and experiences employed by a company. Fundamentally, they set one worker apart from another in the workplace.

Diversification from the outside

Characteristics that make up a person’s exterior are not always innate. Although one’s outward appearance and the culture in which one finds themselves may have a profound impact on one’s identity, these are factors that an individual can and does alter through time.

Diversity on a global scale

Another kind of variety that evolves through time is the diversity of worldviews. Our perspectives on the world change as we gain knowledge and grow as individuals. This perspective of the world may be influenced by various factors, including those within and outside the organization.

How to make hiring more diverse and inclusive?

The following are four of the most important things you can do to make your organization more diverse:

Make sure that all qualified applicants may apply for open positions

Don’t lose prospective employees by writing a job description full of jargons and prejudiced terminology after you’ve already caught their interest. Job seekers try to get a feel of the company culture to evaluate whether it’s a good cultural match. In sectors that have historically been dominated by individuals who appear and think similarly to one another, bias may be present in subtle ways.

For this reason, it is common for job postings in engineering and computer science to include terminology more traditionally associated with men. Potentially qualified female applicants might be turned away as a result.

Plan a fair hiring procedure

Remember that the individuals applying for positions are humans whose time and energy should be valued. Get your paperwork ready for the preliminary check! Before meeting with them, it’s a good idea to go through their résumé and get a sense of their qualifications, experience, and prior work. Potential employees will evaluate your company based on their interview and recruiting experience. Make it a good experience for them regardless of the outcome.

When feasible, give tasks as the initial step

When hiring, pre-employment tests are an excellent method to narrow down the pool of applicants, particularly for entry-level positions. Change the way you conduct interviews so that you can gauge applicants’ actual abilities. This way, you can get to know them better than just what’s on their resume. Using a standardized exam to evaluate applicants is fair because it gives everyone an equal shot, regardless of their background.

Stay strong

The talent of the highest kind may be found in any field and among any demography. All that’s required is a personal connection. If your current approach isn’t working, try to avoid becoming disheartened. Take a deep breath, refocus, and think of a different strategy. These guidelines will help your company lay the groundwork for an effective diversity recruitment plan.


It’s hardly rocket science: diversity and inclusion are directly correlated to increased business sales and profitability. Employing the proper people to help you grow your organization is a strategic process that takes careful planning. One effective strategy for achieving this goal is to increase the cultural, skill, ability, and experience of the diversity of the available workforce.

Vikrant Shetty

June 21, 2023

5:33 pm

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