Advantages of preventative healthcare- How they can be used for a higher retention rate

Vikrant Shetty

July 5, 2023

1:33 pm

According to the Finance Commission report in 2021, 70% of health expenses put a lot of burden on the pocket. Such expenses push around 60 million people into poverty on an annual basis. Being an employer, you must ensure that your employees must not fall under this category. It will help if you offer group health insurance plans to your employees in which the focus should be on preventive healthcare to save future healthcare expenditures.

Other benefits of preventive healthcare include increased productivity, mental and physical wellness, and a greater retention rate in the company. Please continue reading to know why preventive healthcare is essential and its benefits.

Components of preventive healthcare

To enhance the productivity of your employees, you need to ensure that they are both mentally and physically fit. Hence there are two sections of the preventive healthcare program:

Disease management

Diseases force employees to take leave from the office, or even if they are present in the office, they won’t perform to the optimum level. Hence, you must run a wellness program to check the physical health of each employee. For example, you can offer complete health-checkup and provide proper vaccines to the employees for disease management.

Lifestyle management

Stress, depression, and anxiety are the culprits of poor mental health. If an employee suffers from stress, he won’t be able to give his best in the organization. Being an employer, you can help your resource to overcome such a situation through a preventive healthcare program. In such programs, doctors can help them with proper diet plans, counseling sessions, and fitness activities to help employees to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Advantages of preventive healthcare for employees

Let’s take a deep dive and learn about the benefits of preventive healthcare for employees:

Frequent health assessments

A well-managed preventive healthcare program will care for employees and their families (if covered) to keep them healthy and stress-free.

Prevention of ailments

It is better to know about any ailments prior before they cause any harm to your body. Such a factor is more relevant to some common diseases like diabetes. With a preventive healthcare program, you can follow healthy habits and detect diseases early through regular checkups.

Enhanced productivity

While the increase in productivity benefits the employer, it also helps the employee in the long run. They can work to their full potential without much effort by simply living a healthier life. Better performance can give them job satisfaction, salary increment, and motivation.

Advantages of the preventive healthcare system to employers

Lower absenteeism

Higher absenteeism can degrade the productivity of your organization. If your employees are fit, they will come to the office regularly. This factor will enhance your revenue in the long run.

Higher employee retention

You may have to spend more on hiring new employees than retaining existing ones. It is because the recruitment and training programs require a lot of time and money. Hence you would like talented employees to remain with your organization for longer.

Keeping the employees happy with this preventive healthcare program will let them stay in the company, hence increasing the company’s retention rate.

High employee value proposition (EVP)

EVP is all about offering services to employees in exchange for the service they provide to the company. These benefits are on top of the salary paid. An EVP leads to employee satisfaction and increases productivity and builds a strong bond between the employer and employee.

Better Goodwill

If an employer offers comprehensive insurance and preventive healthcare plans to employees, it will let the resources know that the company believes in a people-first approach. It will enhance your brand reputation among them and goodwill. Better goodwill will attract more talent to your company and provide more stability and employee retention.


During the pandemic, issues like isolation, stress, physical fitness, and deterioration have increased. Hence the importance of preventive healthcare has enhanced by manifold. Being an employer it’s your responsibility to keep the employee’s health on priority which can result in employee retention and cost savings in the long run.

So, if you still haven’t implemented preventive healthcare program in your company, then it’s the time to do that to retain the employees and keep them happy with your brand.

Vikrant Shetty

July 5, 2023

1:33 pm

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